The Woman behind Melqosh Mission International

In this interview, we are zooming on the human aspect of this phenomenal charity. The brainchild, vision-carrier, the heart and hands working behind the scenes, the passion, the face at the fore of this humanitarian organisation.

Faith Okrafo-Smart is a best-selling author, a motivational speaker, a multi-award-winning trailblazer and she has a passion to help and impact the lives of the poor and needy in Sierra Leone and abroad.  She is a Social Policy and Sociology graduate.  Faith is also the Founder of Melqosh Mission International, a Non-Profit Organisation birthed to empower victims of the Blood Diamonds fuelled war – amputees, whose limbs were amputated by the rebels in the civil war in Sierra Leone, including their dependants. The charity has extended its charitable activities; providing relief to children orphaned by Ebola and disadvantaged groups affected by Ebola in Sierra Leone. As a result of the mission’s interventions, none of their direct beneficiaries contracted Ebola.

Faith commenced her mission in Sierra Leone in April 2008. Her vision is to implement development strategies for education, health, trade and employment specifically for physically challenged and war afflicted amputees. 20170422_145908With access to these services, the beneficiaries will have coveted opportunities that we all deserve and a chance to articulate in productive activities, thereby becoming successful, not only for themselves but for the development of Sierra Leone.

Her recent mission to Sierra Leone in April 2017 was a seven-fold assignment. Melqosh executed 5 Medical Missions in Freetown, Newton, Magburaka, Bo and Lungi. The mission also held a Fun Day for Ebola Orphans and a successful Crusade at Lungi. In addition, the charity paid the school fees for one child or orphan from every war-amputee household in Freetown, the Capital for 2016/17 Academic year.

“My goal is to educate, equip and elongate the lives of war amputees, their dependants and to globally empower people with disabilities” says Madam Faith Okrafo-Smart.

She is a true mother to the marginalised and orphaned and an asset to the community, at home or abroad.

Published Book

Melqosh’s Burst Forth Poems & Short Messages


  • Panache Global Awards’ Community Support of the Year 2016
  • Miss Borough’s Honorary Recognition Award for Outstanding Humanitarian Support to

Sierra Leone 2015

  • International Achiever’s Award 2014
  • Ambassadors For Humanity’s Special Recognition A|ward 2014
  • AWOL Sierra Leone’s National Special Recognition Award 2013
  • BEFFTA’s Honorary Humanitarian Award 2013
  • AWOL UK’S Charity Of The Year Award Winner 2013
  • Calabash Unsung Heroes’ Awards 2013
  • United Artists -Sierra Leone’s Outstanding Contribution In Charity Award Winner 2013
  • Miss Black Africa’s Diamond Heart Award 2013

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